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Sep 25, 2020

APM | Native RDP downloaded file



When working with Native RDP within APM , will the end-user be able to edit the RDP file downloaded to his PC?


For example, let say his file include some custom parameters , will he be able to change those custom parameters?

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  • yes, the end-user can change some parameter.


    others are signed and can't be changed, i.e.: Full Address,Server Port,GatewayHostname,GatewayUsageMethod,GatewayProfileUsageMethod,GatewayCredentialsSource

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      Can you tell me please which kind of parameters can the user change?

      Can you give me some examples?

      Is there a KB for this one?


      I tried in my test environment to change the mapping sound parameter and got error when tried to connect


      Thanks, I appreciate you help

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        no K article i could find, as mentioned if you look in the RDP file you see what is signed, those parameters you can change.


        as for the others it can also depend on what the server is supporting or allowing to be change i assume.


        what error did you get?


        also you might want to check if that issue remains with the 14 release.