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Oct 23, 2020

APM - Portal access logon information from logs

Good Morning!

I need to extract some information regarding Logon on portal access, but i can't find it in the logs.

i want to know:

User logged, time of login, time of logout, and what resources was used when accessed the portal. Is this possible?

This Data will be exported next for Business Intelligence purpose.

Thank you so much!

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  • username, time of login, time of logout should be possible. not in one line, but when you run the APM reports you can find this information. all that information is also in the /var/log/apm log, but it will require coding to get the details together.


    access logging is more difficult, you would have to enable access logging on the portal access resources and then combine that with the other information. this will also require some coding and be probably more complex.