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Apr 21, 2021

APM - How to provide APM hosted content file download directly from the logon page

Upgraded bigip apm to tmos

Like the title, I want to provide a hyperlink to the file in the hosted content by using the "Form Header Text" part of the logon page.

In 14.x, it seems to be fine, but in, hyperlinks do not work.

Please comment on which method is better.

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  • Strange. Form header text part should work. May be it's better to log a support case to see why this behaviour is changed.


    Alternatievely, would message box before or after logon page with required link would work for you?

  • HTML does not work in the "Form Header Text" part, and html works in the "footer message" part at the bottom.

    I want to use the html link in the logon box, but I wonder if there is no way in 16.x.