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Feb 03, 2011

APM - Adding additional Checkboxes and Radio to Logon Page

Hello everybody,


i just joined this group and think this community is very cool!



I've been searching for this for a bit but haven't been able to find a good solution for this apaprently simple problem:



I would like to add additional checkboxes and radio buttons to the APM Logon Page in order to send their value via POST variable to the virtual server.



It doesn't seem to be possible via the Logon Page's interface as i'm only able to add fields for authentication, which is already done and well working.



I don't want to modify any inc file because it's not very 'manageable' and would rather "inject" the additional html code via iRule or Advanced Access Policy.



Purpose of this is to allow the users to select whether they prefer to use the lightweight version of the site or not, and in case i also would like to make decisions (automatically value the post variable) based on the User-Agent's HTTP request header.



Does anybody have an idea if that is possible?



Thanks very much in advance!


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