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Sep 06, 2023

API consume a lot of CPU


Im trying to query the API on all virtual servers for their current connections.
I do this by making a http requst to https://<MGMT_IP>/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/~Common~<VS>/stats and get the json value of clientside.curConns.

However, since I have more then 100 virtual servers this take more then 1 minutes every time.
And while I do that I see that the control plane CPU goes from ~10% to 60-80%.

Is this a common problem? Is there a better why to do it?

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  •  Hi JonasB,

    Bigip has two types of CPU, Control Plane, and Data Plane, but the dashboard shows us the Average of all CPUs, the most important CPU is the Data Plane because it processes the user's traffic so if it goes more than 80% you probably have a problem, but in the case of Control Plane is normal to see spikes in 100% when graphic, or API process in your case are executed.

    For example, if you provision AVR and activate some features the Control Plane CPU probably starts to see spikes 100% all the time, but you don´t have to worry about this behavior, in the case that the GUI starts to fail or the response of the GUI is longest, you probably have to change the time of the API to 1:30 minutes for example and adjust the time.

    Hope it´s work.