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  • jonathanj2r Do you mean that you would only like a profile associated for traffic ingress to the virtual server and not egress from the virtual server or the actual interface that traffic is received on? I am not aware of any way to associate profiles for traffic for a specific direction on an interface.

  • Hey Paulius !

    Thanks for the response.  IngressLink configurations are limited to what you can set in the ingresslink virtual server.

    Now you could change the configuration manually in the GUI after you have deployed the ingressLink resource, but any change to the ingressLink resource post manual change will be over written by the CIS pod (as expected).  

    I was wondering if there is any way I could set an HTTP or SSL profile in a yaml manifest like I could using CRDs.


    But instead of using only CRDs I use ingressLink.


    Hope that makes sense