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May 05, 2011

Android Device won't connect to sharepoint site

Scenario: Boss man tells me when a user attempts to connect to our sharepoint site via firefox on Android devices, they get a external site. If they use the full url, they get a 400 bad request. Looking at what Android does with the URL reveals that it takes the input of http://site and replaces it with Which is why we get a different page as well as a bad request when using the full path. I've tried header replacement, stream profiles, and redirects but nothing seems to resolve this. Has anyone ran into this issue before and is it even possible to fix it with in the F5 or is it something that just won't work on the Android devices?

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  • Does your sharepoint site use a fully qualified domain name? If not, how do non-Android clients resolve the hostname to an IP? IF you have references to a local hostname, can you use Sharepoint's AAC config to specify a FQDN instead? You could potentially change this using an iRule, but using AAC on Sharepoint is much simpler.