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Dec 13, 2023

Amplify fpm connections metric is misleading or incorrect


I have nginx and php-fpm monitoring in amplify. Recently I created a dashboard to analyze incoming requests, fpm connections and their correlation. I realized that "fpm.conn.accepted" chart without specifying pool (meaning all pools) displays bigger and sometimes 10x bigger numbers in comparison to if display the chart by specifying all pools to show each value separately and sum of them. I'd expect the sum of all pools to be equal to the first chart but it is not.


As you can see the blue lines are far from being equal or close to each other.

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  • Hey abeyaz - thank you for your post.
    It looks like feedback about the amplify product?
    And I suspect you aren't seeing any replies because your linked screencap goes to an unknown destination that most people will not click for fear of SPAM / malware.

    If you can update your post and include the screencapture in your post that would be helpful.

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    Yes it is about amplify product and a possible bug.

    I attached the file instead of a link here.