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Jul 03, 2012

Amazon EC2 AMI? Roadmap? Feature wishlist?

Any chance this is on the roadmap?



I understand it would have to be a stripped down version, but I would like to see:



1) GUI


2) Slow start


3) Graceful removal of backend nodes


4) State mirroring (HA), in active/active configuration (particularly for sticky session configs) (I'd want to use this multi-AZ and perhaps even multi-region.


5) iRules


6) DevPay instances (IE: No upfront licensing.) (I think now called Amazon marketplace.) As part of this, I think that hourly costs shouldn't more than double the cost of running the EC2 instance it is hosted on. (For it to remain competitive and become popular).


7) SSL offload/management


8) Variety of instance size support. (Presumably 64bit only.)


9) VPC and non-VPC support (VPC supports multiple IP interfaces per instance, so in VPC multiple interfaces would need to be supported... One-arm in non-vpc)

10) Full set of load balancing algorithms




Please feel free to email me directly at, if you want to discuss further, as I would be willing to help test any alpha/beta AMIs. (And can discuss further, as we've been using AWS for over 4 years.)




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  • Hi Brian,



    I contacted our virtualization group so they could get in touch with you.



  • Hoolio,



    When might I expect to be contacted? (I understand if folks are busy, as I am too.) :)





  • I'm not sure it meets your requirements but VE is available on AWS: