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Mar 08, 2023

Allowing UDP ports to not go through VPN tunnel

I am not an expert in VPN technologies.  I have a question about the F5 VPN configuration.  Our product offloads content download to machines by going over the internet instead of the VPN tunnel.  Our product communicates over 3 UDP ports.  My question is it possible with a forced F5 VPN tunnel to define at a port level, to allow any traffic from these 3 ports to go out locally and not through the VPN tunnel.  I know you can do it to a domain/url, but we do peer-to-peer transfers so the machines aren't an URL.  We want when our product sends a packet over UDP port 34750, the F5 will allow that to go out locally and not through the tunnel.  The receiving client responds on UDP 34546.  We don't want this traffic to go through the tunnel.  We have a customer that uses F5 VPN and having trouble getting this traffic to be split.

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  • Hi gwalkerAdaptiva - I see nobody has answered yet, so I've sent a link to your thread to a colleague for their help. They probably won't be able to respond until next week, unfortunately. Hopefully someone in the community will reply in the mean time!

  • Hi gwalkerAdaptiva, sorry for the delay, it took me a little while to track this down. Based on the responses I've received, it doesn't appear that what you are trying to achieve is possible with split-tunneling configuration.