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May 28, 2015

alert email customization options

working form sol3667 (send email from alertd) and sol13180 (configuring email) i got this working.


only it remains rather basic, the title of the email is the log line and the body is a fixed text. is this just what it is or is there more to configure? to start with i would like to control the subject and put the details in the body.


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  • Want to know too. But from my understanding v.11.2.1 still can't customize both subject and body (subject is still fixed from system and body is fixed from user_alert configuration)


    Not sure if lastest firmware have feature to customize that?


  • im at version 11.6.0 but as this pure config in unix config files there is no help or such.


  • FYI

    This is confirm message from F5 support about this

        Unfortunately, we do not currently have the ability to customize the Subject line of email alerts - this field is filled with a copy of the log entry that triggered the alert.
    All I can do at this stage is raise an Enhancement Request to Engineering, so that this request can be evaluated for future development. To do this, I need to know some specific information about the sort of customisation that you would require for both the subject and body elements of the email alert.