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Jul 14, 2011

Advanced config and software update



I hope this is the correct Forum for the below question.


We are more and more using advanced configurations like:


- external monitors


- custom alerts (with email-notification)


- remote syslog server (for specific local0 messages)


- custom cronjobs (to copy config and logs via SCP with authorized keys to avoid password prompt)


I guess there are a lot more possibilities of such specific and custom configurations via the commandline or by editing config-files, but most of them will be lost during a software update.


Therefor I want to ask which kind of the above mentioned custom configurations are "safe" during a software update. Or how do they need to be configured (if there are several methods possible) that they are "safe".


For those configurations which could not be "moved" with a software update, is there any kind of best practice how to prepare a software update which such special configurations?


Thank you!



Ciao Stefan :)


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  • I think any changes made to the system daemons via the bigip_sys.conf (or importing via bpsh) should be preserved during an upgrade. If external monitor scripts are saved under /config they should be preserved as well. If you've customized other files, you can configure them to be included in a UCS:



    sol4422: Viewing and modifying the files that are configured for inclusion in a UCS archive




  • Hi Aaron,


    first of all congratulation to break the 10k posts sound barrier!!! Keep up the good work!


    Thank you for this great solution, seems to be exactly what I was looking for.


    But still one question regarding our SCP cronjob. To get this working without any password prompt, we had to create a private key on each Loadbalancer, which then needs to be added in the authorized_keys file on the remote server.


    Will it work to include these key-files in the UCS-archive as well?


    I guess when restoring such an UCS-archive the included files will be copied in the same directory, but what happend if a directory, for such backed up files changed between different software versions?


    Thank you!



    Ciao Stefan :)


  • Hi Stefan,



    Thanks for that. I think the home directories are included in a UCS. Only specific files in root's directory are though:





    save.4700.file = /root/.bash_profile


    save.4710.file = /root/.bashrc


    save.4750.file = /root/.tmshrc


    save.4800.dir = /home



    I think it would work fine to either use a non-root account's home directory to store the keys or to specifically include a new directory or set of files for this. I'd definitely add verification of the cron task to your upgrade SOP though.