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Mar 04, 2016

adsf iapp template upload query

i am relatively new to using the F5 LTM


I recently downloaded and uploaded f5.microsoft_adfs.v1.0.0 IAPP template however I noticed that on my template list it is only template showing as no verified by F5


is there something I missed out? I can see that the md5 hash is correct so file is not corrupted and no errors when I selected for upload.


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    Hello Stanhou, As of now any F5 templates that do not come on the big ip itself cannot be signed, however if downloading via the f5 supported set of iapps that come in a zip file from those should in fact have a hash file you could compare against for corruption if you want that level of corruption checking before you upload the template to the big ip. Let me know if I can help further.


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    None of the downloaded iApps are signed. The signing feature was introduced in TMOS v11.4.0, and we want many of our iApps to be compatible with v11.3.0.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I have compared the MD5 with my downloaded template and is fine.