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Jun 27, 2012

Admin GUI/Chrome Bug?

I am running LTM 10.2.4 HF3, and Chrome 19.0.1084.56m, and ran into a weird bug (?) attempting to update the Send String in an HTTP monitor. When the Chrome window is small enough to make the Send String wrap, it seems Chrome adds a literal CRLF character. Clicking the Update button results in the following error:

Value may not contain literal newline characters.


If you then maximize the window large enough to accommodate the entire Send String on one line, the CRLF character seems to be retained - you need to manually remove it before you can update the monitor. But if you start wrapped but then expand the window before clicking the Update button, the CRLF is not retained and you can update the monitor. The additional CRLF character does not seem to be added by IE7 or FF11.




Wondering if someone can validate this?