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Jun 24, 2016

Additional blade installation into Viprion

Need to install a new blade into BIG-IP VPR-C2400 platform which is already having one blade installed in slot1 and guests(LTM)are configured too.


all 4 slots have already been configured with IPs under cluster configuration.


How can we install a new 2400 blade into slot 2 without any SERVICE impact ?


Is there any cabling required ? is there any software configuration needed ?


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  • Normally, when you add the new blade, the current master blade will synch it's configuration onto the new blade. Make sure that the existing blade is master. Backup all relevant configuration on the device and off the device before adding new blade.


    Make sure that the blades are same model and see SOL16992


    Look at SOL13965 :-) to identify the master blade.


    Considerations when moving blade between chassis: SOL10541271


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      Whats the command to ensure the existing blade is the master