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Mar 01, 2011

Adding Machines to VLAN in Big-IP Virtual Edition.


I am very new to F5. I am on Big-IP Virtual Edition on VMware workstation 7. I wanted to start off but I got struck with setting up VLANs. I am on a LAN 192.168.6.x. I have tried creating external and internal VLAN's ( ifconfig shows external IP and interal self ip ). How do I bring a machine inside the VLAN ? .. The self IP is not pingable (obviously). My assumption was to bring a machine to external VLAN, it should have the gateway to be and ip 192.168.4.xx and similarly for internal VLAN. Obbioulsy and 4.1 wont be pingable from 6.xx. How do i setup external and internal VLANs and bring machines inside them ??




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  • I usually add the first bigip nic, which is the admin interface, to the nat network within VMware Workstation's virtual network editor. For the internal/external vlans, I add them somewhere in the vmnet2-vmnet7 range and make sure the IPs assigned in those subnets work with my external (to my machine) subnets so I can still get to external resources. I make sure I connect a host virtual adapter to each network I assign the LTM so I can get to each interface from my desktop. Then with snat automap, I can run a client and server on my same desktop. If you want more virtual machines running, just add them to the vlans you assigned to the BIGIP. There is a lot of flexibility. Here are a couple articles we wrote that might help you get started:


  Click Here


  Click Here


  Click Here



  • I'm trying to perform a configuration like that but I can't!!



    At now, I just want to define a VS to test some iRules code, no pools or nodes are required for my particular case



    After deploying BIG-IP LTM 10.1.0 VE on VMware workstation, I configure the VM Network adapters like this:


    NIC1 (mgmt) -> VMNET8 (NAT)       (192.168.174.x)
    NIC2        -> VMNET3 (host only) (192.168.200.x)
    NIC3        -> VMNET4 (host only) (192.168.201.x)
    VMnet 3 and 3 are connected to a host virtual adapter as you say say, I successfully ping both form my computer ( and but I can't from the BIG-IP. Internal and External VLANs are both defined and Self IPs created ( and but it does not work, I can't reach the VS I've defined



    Any suggestions?



    Thanks in advance and best regards,