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Mar 28, 2012

Adding a Redundant pair of LTMs to a GTM

I just wanted to validate a configuration on the GTM, supporting connectivity to redundant LTMs. Please see below.



Scenario and config


I have a single GTM and wish to add 2 pairs of LTMs to the GTM as servers.


I have added a total of 3 servers, the GTM itself; Redundant LTM pair 1; and, redundant LTM pair 2 . Both IPs in each redundant pair have been included in the server configuration . I've carried out bigip_add and big3d_install for all IPs.



Performing a iqdump I only see output to one of the LTMs in each pair.


If I then do a bigip_add to the non functioning LTM, the alternate LTM (of the pair) then stops working and the previously non functioning LTM now gets an output with iqdump.



It has also been suggested that I add each LTM onto the GTM individually, not as a redundant pair. Would this be correct?



Can someone advise if the iqdump is as expected for a redundant pair of LTMs and advise whether the configuration is valid.

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  • Can you elaborate? Just in case I run into the same issue, I'd like to know where to look for the dupe certs :)
  • Ensure you update the LTM local certs to make them unique on the system, otherwise this will cause issue with the GTM