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Dec 19, 2011

AD Load Balancing

So I have multiple AD servers on multiple sub-networks across my data centers.



I don't have them all in the same networks since we don't bridge layer 2 networks across layer 3 boundaries.



Soooo..... How do I load balance my AD servers behind a LTM? Can NPAth routing accept multiple networks to point to?



I don't want the BigIP handling all the LDAP requests, I just want it to load balance the traffic to the servers and do health monitors.








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    Hi Ken,



    Thanks for your message.



    Can you elaborate a bit on which services you'd like your LTM to handle and monitor? Some services will be able to be handled by the LTM, whereas some will not. I'd like to know so my team and I can help you make the best determination.



    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon.





  • All I'm looking to monitor LDAP services.



    Our current AD/LDAP solution works fine for MS products but once you go to an Open Systems solution they sometimes can't or won't check for more than one LDAP server and if that server happens to be unavailable, for patching or upgrades or whatever, applications fail.



  • Hey Coda6,



    Not sure if I am hitting the mark with this response but here goes. You can definitely LB the LDAP servers and monitor them specifically. If I am understanding, the Open Systems may try to use a LDAP server that is unavailable. You can use LTM to load balance the LDAP pool and assign an LDAP specific health monitor to the pool and/or nodes to ensure that traffice is directed to only available servers.



    You can create a custom LDAP monitor at: 'Local Traffic' --> 'Monitors' --> 'Create' & select 'LDAP' for Type.



    Here's a link to that discusses LDAP monitoring best practices:




    Hope this helps...