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Sep 19, 2017

Active FTP and Secure FTP does not work at the same time.

Hi all,


Am trying to configure FTP solution for an application thru F5. AS is, Active FTP and Passive FTP explicit (secure FTP on same port 21) Does not work.


Only either of it works.


If i put the FTP profile with data port as zero. Active FTP works. Then, FTP ove SSL does not work. If I disable the FTP VIP and enable the wildcard vip with the i rule for port range. The passive FTP (explicit) works.


Please assist. We are in 12.1.2 HF1 s/w version.


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  • Hi,


    First, use right name...


    • Secure FTP -> sftp on ssh port (22)
    • FTP over ssl -> ftps on same port than ftp (21)

    How is configured the ftps service?


    Is control connection encrypted? If yes, no solution with active mode because f5 can't read control connection negotiation to open data port.


    I'm not sure but as I know, there is no ftps offload solution to decrypt control connection.