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Oct 03, 2023

About the upgraded bigip.conf


I want to make sure that bigip.conf works after the upgrade.
I used comparison software to make sure it was the same and found tons of discrepancies in the image below.
Is this normal?


Any Help is appreciation.


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  • yes - expect there to be differences. For instance they will add new features such as profiles, or in your case they have modified the bot defense signatures. This is expected. If you want to check your config then maybe start with a known quantity such as the number of virtual servers, number of pools, nodes etc

  • SanYang Based on what you provided it looks like you have to upgrade to 16.x and then upgrade from 16.x to 17.x looking at the following article.

    Aside from this I would imagine differences will exist because of updates to signatures or even the way a command might change from code version to code version. To me it seems like it has switched from plaintext to some sort of hashed value instead.