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    Java RMI uses a Java specific method of network serialization, or else CORBA IIOP, to marshal object on the wire. iControl is a SOAP HTTP service. That means it uses SOAP XML messages inside HTTP POST requests as defined by the iControl WSDLs. The iControl service on the Big-IP devices isn't written in Java and doesn't support IIOP, so the answer is no.



    There are libraries which support creating Java objects from the iControl WSDLs. The Apache Axis1.4 for Java project is an example of a client language binding for Java which can use the WSDLs and create Java objects which can be called from with a Java program.



    You can get to the WSDLs for iControl by using an HTTP client an getting them from https:[yourbigipmgmtip]/iControl/iControlPortal.cgi.