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Mar 22, 2023

About Performance L4 use SSL


Is it possible to connect to back-end Https via http in Performance L4's VS?
Like this :
– http(80) F5 SLB https(443) Service 


Any help is appreciate.

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  • Hi Michaelyang ,

    You can´t use a VS in port 80 to balance a server in port 443, the traffic in port 80 is not encrypted.

    Client – http(80) F5 SLB – https(443) Service  doesn´t Work.

    You can configure your VS in port 443 and then balance traffic to your server in port 443 with an L4 VS, but you can´t configure SSL certificates in the VS, you have to configure the certificates at the server layer.

    Client – https(443) F5 SLB – https(443) Service, it works.