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  • Hi Harry,



    The 8950 is rated for 20Gbps per this datasheet:




    I believe the throughput numbers combine client and serverside data.



  • Hi Aaron:



    Thanks for your quick repsponse. If this is the case, BIG-IP 8950 only can provide 10G throughput to the DUT?



    A B


    Client -------> BIG-IP --------->Server


    <------- <---------


    C D



    If we use two arm environment. The tupu will be as above. Can I assume 20G throughput of BIG-IP 8950 is traffic A+B+C+D?



    I saw F5 's performance testing was measured by IXIA. So What 's throughput number that will be read by IXIA?






  • hmmmm.Sorry. The above topu is disorder. Here is my explanation with text.



    A: the traffic from client to BIG-IP


    B: the traffic from BIG-IP to server


    C: the traffic from BIG-IP to client


    D: the traffic from server to BIG-IP