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May 14, 2015

AAM and clearing cache


I tried to find info how to clear Web Accelerator based cache (not standard LTM RAM cache) but failed to find working solution - at least that looks like from my tests.

What I found is:

  • To show cache I can use

    tmsh  show ltm profile web-acceleration profile name

  • Suggested command to clear is

    tmsh delete ltm profile wa-cache profile name

But delete command seems not to be working. After issuing stats displayed by tmsh show ltm profile web-acceleration profile name are the same as before.

So what is a way to clear cache? I am not talking about Invalidating (according to docs this GUI command is not removing objects from RAM or disk but only expires them, so before serving LTM has to re validate all with origin server - at least that is my understanding how it works)


BTW - is there a way to display content of the cache - files actually kept in ram or on disk?