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Apr 19, 2011

A simple load balancing network



I'm using BIG-IP 1600 with LC module. I need to config a simple load balancing network (just need outbound load balance), here's my network:


- I have 2 VLAN external for 2 internet lines, with 2 modems connect PPPOE to the Internet (use NAT on modems) ( and


- and 1 VLAN internal for clients (



I followed the configuration guide:


- create VLANs


- config self IPs for all VLAN


- define 2 Links for internet lines


- create Pool named default_gateway_pool that include 2 LAN IPs of the modems


- define a wildcard virtual server with default_gateway_pool


- create default route: using Pool default_gateway_pool



From F5, I can ping clients, LAN IPs of routers and ping to the Internet but from client, I can ping only the self IP of internal VLAN. I use self IP of internal VLAN for gateway for clients, is it rights ?



Could anyone tell me what step I missed ?



Many thanks


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