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Aug 04, 2011

A console application (.NET)




I write A console application (.NET) ans want to run from command prompt. How can I run it?



I tried :





exec f5_integ.exe



but it is not run. Please advise me.





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  • What shell are you using? Cmd.exe or PowerShell? With either one you should be able to run the .exe just by typing the name and hitting enter. You might want to put a Console.WriteLine("TEST"); as the first line of your app and see if it is printed to the console after you run your program. It could just be that the app is running and exits before printing anything.



    Good luck!





  • I want to run it from f5 and schedule task that run automatically. I want to use crontab in f5. is it possible?



    I run it with only name from f5 command prompt, it doesnt work.





  • LTM runs on a linux based operating system, so you won't be able to run a Windows executable on it. Generally, it's best to run management applications off of LTM to avoid unnecessary resources on LTM. However, if you do want to run an iControl app on LTM, you can using Perl instead of .NET.