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Jul 07, 2021

200 OK http health monitor for multipple application on one server

Dear all


I need to configure some health monitor to check http respone 200 OK for multiple applications on one server.

We have setup for this application:


GET /Devl/WebApps/iTVMobile HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Close





And it is working.


Issue is that /Devl/WebApps/SmartRack/ running on same server is validated down as well once there is application maintenance on iTVMobile.


To sum up with simple question: How we can setup IIS monitoring for pool once there is running multipple applications.

Is it possible to check that on http responses layer ?

Do we need to configure more VIPs for each application?


We need to validate aapplication only and not the whole node (backend server).






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  • You could configure a separate health check for each application, and then at the pool level select each of those health checks (they should appear in the "Available" list for "Health Monitors" - just move the ones you need over to "Active. ). After that, for the "Availability Requirement" parameter, set that to "All". As long as all of those checks pass, a node will be marked as available.


    That's one way to do it.

  • Hmm this solution is probably not for me as I need to let application works once some of health monitor is down .... so Maybe solution for this will be create one pool with different health monitor for each app.

    And then on VIP use irule to choose certain pool once URI will be different.



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      Yes, that would work. You'll need to use a different backend port for each pool of course. You could also add a redirect to a maintenance page if all nodes of a pool are down, depending on the app and what people expect. Just an idea, anyway.