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Aug 05, 2011

10.2.1 TACACS+ Key Mismatch on ACS

I setup TACACS+ using basic configuration without remote roles pointing to Cisco ACS TACACS+ 4.2 server. Pretty much followed the instructions from SOL8808. ACS claims it has a key mismatch. Just for fun, I setup tac_plus open source TACACS+ daemon and had zero problems getting authentication to work.



Is anyone successfully running TACACS+ on 10.2.1 with a Cisco ACS server?


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  • Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt 4.2 the newest ACS box? If so, I wouldnt be surprised if this was a bug on the ACS side. I havent dont this setup myself but I'll try to find time to give it a go and let you know what I find.
  • Having the same issue...


    Authen-Failure-Code Key Mismatch in ACS 4.2 with BIG-IP 11.4.0 Build 2427.0 Hotfix HF5 on 1600 and 3600 appliances


    Sounds like an ACS bug I guess