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What is the syntax equivalentof RESOLV::lookup with the RESOLVER::name_lookup command?


With RESOLV::lookup being deprecated as of version 15.1 in favor of the RESOLVER and DNSMSG namespaces, I am not finding detailed enough documentation and examples to convert my 14.1 iRule to the new 15.1 syntax. My end goal is to do a reverse lookup (PTR) of the IP::client_addr against two internal DNS servers, then log it.


14.1 Syntax

when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { log local0. "The client source IP address is: [IP::client_addr]" log local0. "[IP::client_addr] resolves in DNS (server1) to [RESOLV::lookup @ -ptr "[IP::client_addr]"]" log local0. "[IP::client_addr] resolves in DNS (server2) to [RESOLV::lookup @ -ptr "[IP::client_addr]"]" }



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

So this is a more object-orientated and scalable way of doing lookups - you can think of the response ($result) being a data object which you can then interrogate as you want to. Below is an example,


when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { set result [RESOLVER::name_lookup "/Common/resolver1" [IP::client_addr PTR] log local0.debug "Response code: [ DNSMSG::header $result rcode ]" foreach rr { [RESOLVER::summarize $result] } { log local0.debug "Response from resolver1 for [IP::client_addr]: $rr" } }