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What does the Service profile do?


When I say 'service' profile, I mean the profile type 'service', visible at "Local Traffic  ››  Profiles : Other : Service" or tmos.ltm.profile.service.


The BIG-IP Local Traffic Management: Profiles Reference for v14.1 doesn't have an entry for it, tmsh doesn't include a man page for it and the help documentation in the webui says of the one configurable option "Type: Specifies the type of service statistics to be collected by the Service profile. You can select ICAP, Inline, TAP, HTTP Explicit Proxy, HTTP Transparent Proxy, or F5 Module. Select F5 Module if connecting to another F5 service, such as DataSafe."


Clearly it's related to service statistics, but what exactly is it doing? How do you configure and use it?


F5 Employee
F5 Employee



This profile is used for the implementation of service chaining.


It was based on VIP chaining where traffic ingress from client is accepted an incoming VIP, steered to one or more intermediate VIPs functioning as surrogates to one of several types of network devices (tap, ICAP, L2/L3 inline). The last service VIP then egress traffic to server.


Here is an example for using this profile to connect Access Policy Manager with another F5 Module, in this case, to allow for credential protection using DataSafe in access policies:


I hope this helps.