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vRealize access to F5 needing to enable password authentication for SSH


So based on this document provided by VMWare support, the F5 needs to enable password authentication for SSH to allow vRealize to access and pull data. The instructions provided in this document are vague and don't work for me (but I am probably doing something wrong). Part of the issue is that I am not completely familiar with using the TMSH edit commands.


The document is here:


I can open the edit sys sshd but unsure how I add that bit into the config and then save it. I can't save the changes. Any thoughts? I've tried looking up how to use the edit command but can't find any details on how to do it.



I realize this is a little dated at this point.  But for that article, you change that file using VIM commands using a cheet sheet like this:!&&p=f7d320958838bfefJmltdHM9MTY4ODY4ODAwMCZpZ3VpZD0zYzFjMzgzYS03ZTliLTY0N...

Add in the following lines and save the file:
modify sshd { include ” ChallengeResponseAuthentication no PasswordAuthentication yes” }

And as the article says, don't forget to run the save sys config.