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vCMP Migration Issue



Currently we are migrating our physical devices ( in two datacenter) into virtual one (vCMP Guests).


The both DCs are using same VLAN IDs but using different IPs.


For example same VLAN ID 503 but the IP address used in on DC is is 10.10.188.* and another DC 10.20.125.*


As we learned that "The vlans are handled at the Host level.The Host administrator will create them and then they can be used per guest. Since the host is the same for all the guest, the vlan ID has to be unique."


How we can merge these DCs LTM (as vCMP guest) into single Chassis (vCMP Host)?


Any help is highly appreciated.








Hello Kannan,


so if I understand correctly, you had 2 physical (one by DC) equipment that you want to replace with one. in this case a virtual device (GUEST VCMP).


the configuration of your Physical equipment are like:

  • F5 1 (Datacenter A): VLAN ID 503 - 10.10.188.*
  • F5 2 (Datacenter B): VLAN ID 503 - 10.20.125.*


your request is relatively simple; on your HOST (Hypervisor), create your VLAN 503.

Then attach this VLAN to your GUEST

In your Guest you can create 2 SelfIP on the same VLAN on the same Guest:



Let me know if you need more details.






Hello Youssef,


Thanks for your update.


In our scenario, the both LTMs are hosted in different datacenter. Each DC has Site-A & Site-B. The LTM is running in one-armed mode, in active/standby mode.


PROD-1 DC: ( VLAN 503, VLAN 504, VLAN 701, LTM uplinks connected to two different nexus switches and bundled together)

HQBUSXC101(LTM) --> HQBUSXR101(Nexus with VPC) --> Site-A

HQBUSXC101(LTM) --> HQBUSXR102(Nexus with VPC) --> Site-A


PROD-2 DC: ( VLAN 503, VLAN 504, VLAN 701, LTM uplinks connected to two different nexus switches and bundled together )

HQBUSXC201(LTM) --> HQBUSXR201(Nexus with VPC) --> Site-A

HQBUSXC201(LTM) --> HQBUSXR202(Nexus with VPC) --> Site-A


Now we need to merge the PROD-1 & PROD-2 Site-A LTMs , 2 physical chassis into 1 physical chassis and create the vCMP guest for LTMs.


I can create two trunk uplinks(with multiple VLAN ID) and connect each of them to PROD-1 and PROD-2 Nexus switches.

But on the VLAN interface, we need to add both trunk interface(with tagging) since both are sharing same VLAN ID.


For me, only the layer-2 configuration is unclear.


Since the Layer-2 is handled at HOST level, if you use same VLAN ID, how it differentiate the traffic between Guests? since the uplinks are connected to two different switches any L2 loop will happen?












note F5 hypervisor (Host) you can only have one VLAN.

so on your host you will create your different VLANs: VLAN 503, VLAN 504, VLAN 701 (if you want to do link aggregation you can then include them in LACP).


so on your guest you will only have one VLAN by ID and use one IP per vlan (SelfIP).

on the L2 Network side you could do MLT or use Stack (for the high availability part).


I hope it's clear to you.