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Use application session cookie value for stickiness/persistence


Dear DevCentral community,


I have a requirement to be configured in some VIP's. The application owner needs persistence, and I have a Cookie Persistance created. The point is that the application owner would like to use the application cookie for the persistence, or if possible, to have the same value that the application cookie has in the F5 cookie.


I tried many different methods, Cookie Insert, Cookie Rewrite... I also used the session config in the cookie profile and used the same name that the cookie's application, but I cannot have the value of that cookie in the F5 cookie. Another thing that I've tried is to not insert the cookie, but this is not working either.


The load balancing method is round-robin and one connect is applied. I've checked a lot of posts and read some documentation but I didn't make it work


Thanks as usual!


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Rather than using Cookie persistence, use Universal Persistence:


K7392: Overview of universal persistence


This creates a persistence table entry that is indexed by the Application Session Cookie (or any other suitable value like a session header.