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Update customized image file within APM


Good day!


I have several APM profiles leveraging common images found in the /var/sam/www/webtop/public/images/customization/Common/ folder. What I'd like to do is replace the upper image that represents the company logo. I attempted to replace the file in the folder mentioned with the replacement file (same size and format, only a newer logo), yet only some of the pages (particularly the logon page) appear to NOT be picking up the updated logo. Deleting the browser cache does not render the new image.


Are there other locations where this image needs to be uploaded?




I dont think most do it directly through the console. Please follow the article, hope it helps..

K15087: Adding a custom logo image for the BIG-IP APM access profile login page


Hi jaikumar,


In our case, our APM logon/logoff/error pages are all fully customized from the ground up under Advanced Customization. At any rate, I opened a case and was advised that switching out the image files at the file system layer is not possible. We attempted to replace the images at both of the known folders, but the original image still remains cached for some of the pages (logon specifically).


I have been told that I will have to manually go through each access profile and assign the new image in order to make sure the mechanisms in place treat the image properly.