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Unable to choose which shared address list object to apply to a Virtual Server


Hi there,


This seems so basic that I have probably misunderstood something.


When creating a shared address list under "Shared Objects ›› Address Lists", according to the documentation you are supposed to be able to apply that to a Virtual Server. This does work in principle, however if I create multiple address list objects and go to to a Virtual Server to apply one of them as the destination address list, it lists out all of the shared address lists objects that were created. There seems to be no way to actually select which one you want to apply and it is an all or nothing approach?


In an ideal world I would want to be able to create VS specific destination address lists. Not have the VS inherit all the shared address list objects that have been created, which seems to happen.


Has anybody managed to achieve what I am after?


Many thanks


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Ritchie-T only the highlighted address list will actually be in use and you can only highlight one at a time. It just happens to list all of the shared address objects.




Thanks Andrew. I knew I had to be doing something daft!