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TLS versions in ClientHello


I'm wondering how I can read TLS versions such as TLS version in Record Layer and the Max supported TLS version from ClientHello message by using:





* Below irule will help you to know the Client request with TLS version but log will be forwarded to "/var/tmp/ltm"

when HTTP_REQUEST { log local0. "Client address [IP::client_addr] and TLS version is [SSL::cipher version]" }

* Max Supported TLS version is TLS1.3 in v14.x+ , however tls1.2 is secure and highly used for all applications

The BIG-IP system has the following SSL profile limitations:

  • In the Client SSL profile, TLS 1.3 is disabled by default and not available for client connections. You can enable TLS 1.3 in the client SSL profile by removing the No TLSv1.3 option in the Enabled Options list; however, you should use TLS 1.3 only for testing and not in a production environment.
  • TLS 1.3 is *not* currently supported for the Server SSL profile


@Samir thanks for your help! I'm interested in TLS version info from Client side, mainly from ClientHello during SSL handshake between client and BigIP

Please check below one if it helps.



log local0. [IP::client_addr]

log local0. [SSL::cipher version]



Generally we see TLS/SSL renegotiation in ssldump. I don't think record-layer TLS version will display via iRule. I believe SSL debug has to enable to check or capture packet via ssldump..



May we know what is the requirement here, this should be a troubleshooting via wireshark. The Client will always give the lowest supported protocol on the record layer and in the handshake protocol with the highest. There should not be any handshake failures because of record layer protocol.


If you still want it, you have to dissect the packets like below,

We are investigating a reported issue from our customer that they often receives Connection Reset after SSL Handshake. we suspect that it is related to the outdated version TLSv1.0/1 is being used by that customer either in TLS version for Record Layer or with the Max supported TLS version in the Client-Hello message itself