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the connection from WAF to server


I have virtual server with port 443 and client certificate  with pool of port 8080.

so the Connection from client to WAF is 443 with certificate (HTTPS) and from WAF to server is 8080 with no certificate (HTTP). if I  access the portal via WAF, the website is working fine but if i tried to access the website directly from sever i face redirection issue http to https because i tried to access the portal with http and port 8080.

the question now, since the server have redirection issue and the page does't open unless i enter port and http in url why it's working fine with WAF? how the WAF send the request to server?


is there any way to check the request from WAF to server?



You can use the tcpump utility to capture the traffic on the wire. Simply use the p-modifier on the interface to capture both sides. For example 

tcpdump -ni 0.0:nnnp -s0 -c 100000 -w /var/tmp/capture.pcap host

Another option is maybe to capture all http headers like describes it.


On the waf, can you tell me what SSL profiles are you using on the virtual server? client side only or both client side and server side?

Also to confirm if I understood right: when you access the server directly -->  you got redirected to is that what is happenning?