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TAP service on BIG IP LTM


Hi Guys, its been  a while since I've been working wiht big ip so looking forward to start it now again. Lately I was asked if there is an option of TAPing decrypted traffic on the big ip and mirroring it to the separate interface of the BIGIP from which it will further reach the external IDS for inspection.

From what I see there is a separate 'TAP service' for that in the SSL Orchestrator. 

However what I wonder is if it's doable on the deployment w/o SSL Orchestrator. 

So currently there are 2 implemented options for SSL: passthrough or offloading. The question is if that traffic could be mirrored to a separate interface that will be used as a TAP.  

Thanks in advance for taking your time on that and sharing your experience. thx



Maybe the clone pools feature is the way to go, did you try it?


Thank you @Sebastiansierra and @Amine_Kadimi - I am meeting cuistomer tomorrow to discuss all options. To sum up there are these to chose from: port mirroring, clone pool, passthrough IPS/IDS, TAP service (requires SSL Orchestration license). I will update ticket after implementation 🙂

Any idea on pros and cons of each of these mechnisms for traffic mirroring a) port mirroring b) clone pool, c) passthrough IPS/IDS, Tap Service (SSL orchestration).

Also for tap the consumer of the mirrored traffic needs to be on the same L2 network, what is the preferred way to carry this over to an L3 network (some encapsulation)