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Support options for Lab VE and Cloud VE


I want to confirm my understanding of technical support options available for the Lab VE license and 'Cloud' VE offerings (specifically PAYG 'utility' license referenced here).


Lab VE: Comes with 1-year of eligibility for software upgrades. I'm not sure if technical support (phone or web 'ticket') is included in the Lab VE. A while back I thought I saw a post on DevCentral where someone was able to purchase an annual support contract for the lab license, though I'm not sure if that included technical support or was just follow-on upgrade eligibility.


Cloud VE: The reference link notes "F5 premium support and a 30 day free trial are included in this offering." I understand this to mean that full phone and web-based technical support are available.


Thanks for any clarification!




You can buy annual support for your VE Lab edition. I have a number of licenses and tend to re-new them periodically.


Without a support agreement you're unable to contact F5 support - for example, you want to re-activate a license after re-building your lab and your agreement has run out, you can't have your license reset. (which happens to me periodically)


With support agreement you can contact F5 for assistance, the fact it's a VE Lab shouldn't matter.


I don't have any experience with cloud VE so can't comment.