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Somehow corrupt SSL-files


Hi there,

we have some strange behavior with some of our uploaded SSL-files (under System->File Management->SSL Certificate List).

They will be correctly displayed on the overview list page, but if you click on it, the Certificate-tab shows "No certificate". And if you then click on the Key-tab, it just displays the error: "An error has occured while trying to process your request."

If I check the filestore folder, I can see the corresponding entries in the certificate_d and certificate_key_d subfolder.

Deleting these entries is also not possible. Here I get the error: "01020036:3: The requested Certificate File (/<partition-name>/<certificate-name>.crt) was not found."

What's the reason for this?

Is there any other reference to these configuration objects, other than in the bigip.conf file?

How can I fix/delete these files manually?

Fyi: this is running on

Thank you!


Ciao Stefan 🙂


Hi Stefan,

I think there's a known bug for this: Bug ID 624626: Cannot delete keys without extension .key (and certificates without .crt) using the C...

Workaround is in tmsh:

tmsh delete sys crypto cert example
tmsh delete sys crypto key example





Please see if the above shared solution helps, if not - I've seen cases where the differences in the tmos & filestore creates these issues.


The crt/key installed in tmos should also resider on the filestore location. But crt/key's residing in filestore need not 100% be present on the tmos. These differences has to be deleted or a file has to be in those location, to get this sorted.


Do keep us all posted.