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SNMP OIDs for i5600 and i7600

Hello All...I am looking for the SNMP OIDs, How can we figure out which OID is correct for our device. I beleive the MIB file has everything not just specific to the platform



Have you seen the following in regards to using SNMPWALK to find the tracked OIDs? Iv usually run this in the past via terminal and then pick out what I am interested in.

You can then access the MIBs for export via HTTPS GUInand import into your 3rd party monitoring tool. This will get you the OID and name mappings, which helps quite a bit!

Will try it

Thank you, I see the list is too big.


1) How would I figure out the interface OIDs, CPU OIDs, HA OIDs,Memory OIDs? ex: I see there are multiple CPU OIDs, which one to choose

2) what are the critical OIDs that are usually monitored on the F5s.

You need to look at the MIB, which i thought had a link/copy on the front page on the f5 when you log in.

I got the MIB files from the CLI F5-BIGIP-Common,Global,Local and System. I am trying to figure out the thresholds and what to monitor