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Slow loading json file in Bigip


Good evening.


I am facing a problem in one of the web pages that passes through Bigip LTM, and a heavy page that loads some files, and I noticed through the browser debug that a JSON file takes a long time to load the page to load takes more than 12 seconds.

I already touched the profile that I use TCP and had no results.


Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?




Sounds like you need a consult. There a multiple reasons why a page may be slow to load. First you have to check it is even pulling the json from the F5. Quite often web pages call multiple things and only some of it comes from the F5 which people don't realise. The next thing is network congestion, or even slow browser execution, a common one is DNS but the real check is the server your requesting it from. Is the server responding in a reasonable timeframe. If you pull the json using curl from the command line on the F5 you will get an idea of the response time. There are so many factors is one of the reasons I recommend a consult. At least this gives you a start. Also it may be worthwhile popping info F5 community chat


Thanks Kevin,

Yes, the file is coming from the server, and the response time is about 5 seconds when I call the page directly from the server without going through Bigip.