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Set the same iRule on TCP and UDP VS


Hi all,


I have written an iRule that i'd like to deploy both on TCP and UDP VS.


To achieve that i have something in my code like :


set protocol [IP::protocol] set dest_port [expr { $protocol == 6 ? [TCP::local_port] : [UDP::local_port] }]


When i put this iRule on my TCP VS with a standard type, i have the following error :


UDP::remote_port in rule (/Common/mitigate_scans) requires an associated BIGPROTO or UDP profile on the virtual-server 


But if i switch my TCP VS to a FastL4 type then the error doesn't raise anymore and it works as expected.


Here are my questions :


  • Why is there a difference linked to the type of my VS ? Why can i deploy this iRule on a FastL4 type ?
  • Is there any code trick that would allow me to deploy the same code both on UDP and TCP VS with a standard type ?


Thanks in advance for your feedback.









Hi all,


Do someone has some thoughts about this ?


Thanks in advance.


I think you'll not be able to use UDP::something if your VS is not in FastL4 ( BIGPROTO ) or UDP. I understand it's not "normal" because UDP is not called if the VS is not in UDP.


When a VIP is configured in FastL4, it handle each packet, even for TCP, and a single packet.


This is the only difference I see that can explain why it work in FastL4 and not in Standard. I suspect that to save memory, a VIP in TCP/Standard will not load all the event, UDP in your case. It's pure speculation tho.




Thank you for your input.