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SCP "path not allowed"



  I just upgraded to BigIP and now cannot scp some text files from the F5 appliances to my linux workstation.  Either from the F5 bash prompt scp sening to my linux box or the other way around, I keep getting "path not allowed".  I read some articles about sending files to the F5, but I am trying to send files from the F5.  I'm not sure what that error means (is there some file or setting I need to change)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-Christopher Noyes


Thanks for the response.

I read that KB article before posting here, but that is in regards to writing to the F5 when using scp.  I am actually reading from the F5 (file copy from F5 to my linux box).  Not sure how that KB would apply, unless the whitelisting is itself bugged.  I may try to add my home directory on the F5 to that whitelist file to see if it makes a difference later today.


-Christopher Noyes