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Restoring a VE with a UCS


Hello All,


I am fairly new (1 year or so) working with the Virtual edition and am now writing a disaster recovery document for our deployment. I am hoping someone out there has done it before I attempt it. I took the troubleshooting class so I know that if the vm crashes and you have to import a new ovf that when you recover from the UCS you have to issue a no license switch. What I would like to know before that would be how much of the networking do you need to rebuild before you use the UCS. We do not have a management network so I have to access the VEs from a self-ip that allows HTTPS and SSH. Could I create the external vlan, the self-ip that allows me to scp the ucs to the new re-licensed (I would have already released the license and using the offline license tool relicensed it) and restore from tmsh the rest of the configuration, or do I need to create all of the vlans, and the external, internal and HA sef-ips as well? Any input would be much appreciated!




There is change in the UCS restoration behavior from earlier versions of BigIP. Prior to the version 11.0, the F5 was used to restore either in full or partial configuration depending upon the hostname of the system. Full Configuration restores full config including self IP addresses, VLANs.


In beginning of version 11.0, when installing a UCS file, F5 system restores the full configuration.


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