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Replace string using stream profile from backend server to client


We have the problem to rewrite string in Stream Profile (iRule). The client is requesting the URL: ""; and the backend server responded with absolute URL Hostname "". Because of this response we are getting failure message, so we want F5 to replace this string from "" to "". We tried some different iRules but we couldn't achieve it. Please help us to find the solution. The following iRule we are using right now.


'' when HTTP_REQUEST { Disable STREAM processing for request (ingress) traffic STREAM::disable Remove the Accept-Encoding header to disable server side compression HTTP::header remove Accept-Encoding Replace the incoming Host header to match what the server expects HTTP::header replace Host "" } when HTTP_RESPONSE { if { [HTTP::header exists Location] } { If this is a redirect response, replace with HTTP::header replace Location [string map {"" ""} [HTTP::header Location] } Use a STREAM expression to remap all object references in the payload (HTML body) with the external host name STREAM::expression {@ } STREAM::enable }




you can try this irule. the stream commands are in variable to support disabling stream profile and manage only 30X redirects.


rewriting try to convert absolute URL to relative URLs if the public URL is based on the service requested.


when RULE_INIT { unset static::rewrite_table array set static::rewrite_table { "" "" "" "" } set static::rewrite_table_map [list] set static::rewrite_table_stream [list] foreach item [array names static::rewrite_table] { lappend static::rewrite_table_map $static::rewrite_table($item)/ $item/ $static::rewrite_table($item) $item/ lappend static::rewrite_table_stream "@$static::rewrite_table($item)/@$item/@" } log local0. $static::rewrite_table_map log local0. $static::rewrite_table_stream create stream commands in variables to run them only id stream profile is enabled set static::stream_disable "STREAM::disable" set static::stream_enable "STREAM::enable" change stream expression to convert current site response to relative URI. set static::stream_expression "STREAM::expression \[string map \"\$req_proto://\$req_host/ /\" \$static::rewrite_table_stream\]" } when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { set default protocol to http. change it to https if clientssl profile is assigned to the VS. if { [PROFILE::exists clientssl] == 1} { set req_proto "https" } else { set req_proto "http" } set stream_profile_enabled [PROFILE::exists stream] } when HTTP_REQUEST { Capture request hostname set req_host [HTTP::host] if {$stream_profile_enabled} { Disable the stream filter for all requests eval $static::stream_disable LTM does not uncompress response content, so if the webserver has compression enabled we must prevent the server from send us a compressed response by changing the request header that indicates client support for compression (on our LTM client-side we can re- apply compression before the response goes across the Internet) HTTP::header remove "Accept-Encoding" } } when HTTP_RESPONSE { if { [HTTP::status] matches "30?"} { This is a 302 redirect with a absolute Location URI HTTP::header replace Location [string map [string map "$req_proto://$req_host/ /" $static::rewrite_table_map] [HTTP::header Location]] } elseif {[HTTP::header value Content-Type] starts_with "text"} { Apply stream expression stored in RULE_INIT event if {$stream_profile_enabled} { eval $static::stream_expression Enable the stream filter for this response only eval $static::stream_enable } } }


Did you try using an HTTP policy ? After you created you can create a RULE (not I-rule) where you rewrite URL. I tried it and i find it easier than i-rule development



I have the same problem, did you manage to get this irule to work?