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Prometheus and basic auth


Dear all

I have setup telemetry streaming so that a remote prometheus server can scrape metrics.


I used this advice to use a guest account for "basic auth" done on prometheus :

Here is the prometheus scrape_configs entry :

- job_name: bigip

 honor_timestamps: true

 scrape_interval: 10s

 scrape_timeout: 10s

 metrics_path: /mgmt/shared/telemetry/pullconsumer/My_Prometheus

 scheme: https


   username: prometheus

   password: <secret>


   ca_file: /etc/ssl/certs/ca.crt

   cert_file: /etc/ssl/certs/prometheus.crt

   key_file: /etc/ssl/certs/prometheus.key

   insecure_skip_verify: false


 - targets:

   - lb5


My problem is excessive warning messages in the logs :

Dec 13 16:33:37 lb5 warning httpd[13888]: [warn] [client XXXX] AUTHCACHE Error processing cookie 7BA470C4F1E2F722E1685046756D1F1A70621E38 - Cookie user mismatch


The problem is clearly identified (K11140735) but changing pam idle timeout is not a solution as promtheus scrapes every 10s which is too low for an usual webui idle timeout.


I was wondering if there is a fix or other way to do it ?


Using a F5 token is not a solution as prometheus does not seam to support it in its scrape_config section (


Thanks for your help ;-))