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pool members using different fqdn in same pool with rewrite


hi expert, 

I want to use fqdn as pool members with different fqdn and it  done, when i am not use rewrite on virtual server isnt work, and i change to used rewrite and its work, but the problem is in rewrite i have to add more than one url translation in the same url client and different url server, how to do that?




Could you please clarify more, as I'm not getting your request?



in my virtual server, i added pool used fqdn 3 server for example, and on the one pool 

When i hit access to the virtual server i got error bad hostname but i try to hit on the pool is not error

I added rewrite url translation type request client and server that is i can access to the server.

I added in the same rewrite client url is same but different server url got error must uniq on the client. 

How to resolved this issue or another solutions,

Should fqdn as pool member must used rewrite or no?



from what i understand is, you have configured the pool members with the FQDN instead of the IPs, so F5 will try resolving their names to get their IPs, am i right?

so how do you access the virtual server? as the bad hostname error appears when the source is not able to resolve the fqdn. If each of the pool members is having different FQDN for the service, try using one of the pool members only and test the rewrite url again.


hi @Mohamed_Salah_ 

I have read this article

If we configure autopopulate that one fqdn have some server and we want to forced one of the server for main purpose, can we do it?

I have lab scenario and when i disable one server of the fqdn we can not do it, we should disable on fqdn thats why we use multiple fqdn for maintenance

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Sughadiher - just wanted to let you know that I've asked one of my colleagues to take a look at your post and clarification, in case @Mohamed_Salah_  isn't able to return with an answer in the next day or so.