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PBR Transparent Proxy Pool


Hi all


Trying to establish the best way to achieve a Transparent proxy pool on an F5 VIP if it is possible.


Essentially want webtraffic directed to the F5 to be load balanced to a pool of transparent proxies.


Router doing Policy Based routing to send any LAN TRAFFIC 80+443 traffic to a VIP on an F5. This i would require PBR on the F5 as well as the VIP is advertised from a selfIP on the F5.


Even with both PBRs in place is this something that is achievable on the F5?


what type of VIP would be required for this?



HOST: [] >>

RTR: [PBR - DST 80 nexthop set] >>

F5: [PBR - DST 80 nexthop set] >>

F5: [VIP with Transparent Proxy Pool]




F5 Employee
F5 Employee

The BigIP lets you create fastl4 listeners that captures all traffic with a destination port of 80/443 that is sent to the floating self-IP (i.e as a gateway) (that does not match a more specific listener).


The listeners then forward the traffic to the pool of proxies (with or without address translation as required).