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Node connection limit of 1 able to be enforced?


I have a pool of 5 clients, each of which can take 1 connection. I have them behind a DNS alias that points to an F5 VIP and they're all in a pool. As I connect to the alias, F5 assigns the connection and I can see in the F5 console that it recognizes a connection has been made, it turns yellow. But the next person to connect has a 1/5th chance of also being assigned that node, even though I have the node connection limit set to 1, so they must retry over and over until they get a free node. That 5th person may have to try 20+ times. And a 6th person will continue being offered nodes they can't connect to with no indication that the pool is "empty".


I need 1 connection per node, enforced. No should ever be offered a node that has someone on it, and when all nodes are in use F5 should return nothing, an error, or some indication that there's nothing to offer. Is this possible? Forgive me if this is a silly question, brand new to F5, my problem was sort of shoe horned into F5 as "this is the solution you must use" so I'm spinning up as quickly as I can.


Thanks in advance for your help.